Thanks to everybody who contributed to the project. We could never have done it without you!

A lot of parts were supplied by:  Jürgen Lüttgen (BrickLink Shop), Ulrich Skripay (Der Bausteineladen) & Eric Wink (BrickLink Shop)

A thousand thanks to our chief mechanic Maico Arts is at every event on the spot to solve all our technical problems.

Michael Krallmann, Diana and Stefan Vorst custom build a lot of the electric elements.

Dirk Kranowsky (SteineWelten)  supported us while building this website.

The engravings were made by Ramona und Patrick von Felten (SwissBrickShop).

Also thanks to a lot of fellow AFOLs for their support, encouragement and their help in gathering all the parts.  Many of them have been on the lookout for parts we needed for months and some even let us borrow quite a lot from their personal LEGO collection.

Special thanks to Michael Krallmann who has been a great support at all of the events we have displayed at. He has donated many hours to transport, setup, and breakdown and we could not nearly have gone to as many events without him.

And, finally, a shout out to all the other LEGO builders who share their work either online or at conventions and to the LEGO set designers – you are a constant source of inspiration.