Wow, what a show! Over 47 000 visitors, both Saturday and Sunday completely sold out – and the [Brick] Abyss right in the middle of the mayhem! With almost two complete days for setup we added as much details to the layout as never before – and all agreed that the Abyss has never looked as beautiful. We also finally got the cable car to run which added substantial drama to the layout: Will the minifig make it or fall off?

On Sunday we were off to another big experiment: Despite it being the most crowded day, we decided to take the barriers away and let the kids & adults get a really close look. We were amazed how well behaved everybody was.

Thanks to all the organizers¬†and visitors¬†of Brick2014. It was also great to meet so many British and Irish builders whose models we have admired over the Internet but never yet got to see in person. We were stunned by your creations! Will there be a Brick2015? Well… we sure hope so!



(Now, after having been on display for four times we are off to a round of major cleaning & overhauling & adding more stuff. But… just exactly what we’ve got in mind will be revealed in future posts.)