The principal [Brick] Abyss construction took approximately 18 months. Most of the time was spent on getting the parts together. Individual houses such as the tavern have undergone a construction process of up to 5 years and up to 15 rebuilds. Numerous details and expansions are continuously being added.

A total of 480 000 pieces were used (the water alone contains approximately 160 000 elements). The floor plan consists of 120 blue base plates. The model measures 5.4m x 1.7m x 2.05m.



Setup usually takes at least 14 hours for two people although this depends a lot on wether any parts of the structure got damaged during transport.

Breakdown takes about 8 hours for three people. And yes, we resort to what would normally be the ultimate nightmare: all water pieces are sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Once at home the pieces need to be spread out and dried.



Both rocks and houses of the [Brick] Abyss had to be built keeping transport in mind. We use several types of custom made transport boxes with most parts of the setup fitting into them like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The overall transport volume is approximately 4.5m³ (including our own display table). Most rocks are hollow to allow storage for smaller items (such as trees) inside them during transport. The larger rocks consist of several modules to allow for smaller transport boxes.

The blue base plates underneath the rocks are labelled and have the principal water outline pre-build on them. This speeds up setup considerably and makes it a lot easier to keep the three colors of the water separate as the pieces are sucked into a vacuum cleaner for breakdown.

Building History

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The [Brick] Abyss is a collaboration between Oliver Laferriere & Kathleen Aldinger. All rights reserved.